On 26 July 2023, Your Call CEO, Lauren Witherdin initiated an executive workshop with a select number of senior leaders from organisations subject to multiple whistleblowing regimes.

Guest speaker, Professor A J Brown AM of Griffith University, was invited to provide an overview of the current regulatory landscape including 17 different laws (10 federal and 7 state) containing specific whistleblower protection obligations across Australia.

The discussion centred around:

  • Areas of difference and similarity between different regimes
  • Consequences of inconsistencies, gaps or conflicts for organisations subject to multiple regimes
  • Latest reforms and proposed reforms to the regimes
  • The practicalities for organisations wishing to achieve a best practice whistleblowing scheme.

17 different regimes in Australia

Professor Brown summarised the 17 different whistleblower regimes and their various applications for corporate, federal and state government organisations, especially businesses and not-for-profit entities that provide services to or on behalf of federal and/or state governments.


Download the report with key takeouts

Your-Call-Navigating-Australia's-multiple- whistleblowing-regimes


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