Terms & Conditions

Your organisation has a Service Agreement with Your Call to provide this Service to you and your organisation.

It shows your organisation’s commitment for the reporting of wrongdoing through a safe and secure procedure. It is a proactive approach by your organisation to remedy any proven wrong doing and support and protect persons in making secure reports.

By using this Service you:

  • assume responsibility for the use of this Service
  • agree to comply with its terms and conditions
  • agree to comply with any additional instructions your organisation may issue relating to its use of the Service
  • agree to comply with the relevant Whistleblowing Policy of the organisation

This Service enables confidential and anonymous communications to your organisation. That requires a joint approach by you and your organisation.

Your Call is responsible for handling your information and delivering it to your organisation. Whilst we  make every effort and take all reasonable steps to protect and secure your information you also should take reasonable steps to avoid disclosing your information. All information and communications via Your Call are protected by 256 bit encryption.

All rights, title and interests ,  including intellectual property rights regarding  the Service  belong to and remain with Your Call. The Service comprises  confidential and proprietary information belonging to Your Call and its licensors and embodies trade secrets and intellectual property protected under Australian copyright laws, other laws and international treaty provisions.

The organisation acknowledges all rights title and interests including intellectual property rights and will not take any action to jeopardise, limit or interfere in any manner with the the rights, title and interests of Your Call or those of its licensors with respect to the Service. The organisation shall maintain exclusive use of the Service and will not re-distribute or otherwise provide access to the Service to third parties.

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