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Is the whistleblower’s motive relevant?

Last week, former military lawyer David McBride was sentenced to nearly six years in prison. His crime? Passing to journalists classified military documents that exposed war crimes by Australian soldiers. In the lead up to the trial, there was a much focus on the personal character and motives of McBride....

Changes to New Zealand Whistleblower Protection Laws take effect on 1 July 2022

Long awaited changes to New Zealand’s whistleblowing protection laws will take effect on 1 July 2022 after the Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Act (New Act) received royal assent on 13 May 2022. This New Act will repeal and replace the current Protected Disclosures Act 2000 (Old Act). The purpose...

World Whistleblowers Day Celebration!

June 23rd is a day to honour the worldwide voices of whistleblowers with World Whistleblowers Day. It is not enough to ‘allow’ whistleblowers to speak up, it is vital for organisations to set a tone of encouraging their voices and supporting them throughout their disclosure process. Kicking it off, we’re...

How can a new CEO address toxic corporate culture?

Corporate culture might be led from the top, but it doesn’t stop there. So when things go bad and the CEO is replaced, how can the new CEO deal with the legacy of a toxic corporate culture? (more…)

Governance Institute of Australia delivers school governance toolkit

Governance Toolkit Governance Institute of Australia has delivered a practical toolkit to assist any potential or current member of a non-government school board. The guide is endorsed by the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia and is developed in conjunction with relevant experts with the aim to assist...

Constructing a sound whistleblower policy

Our Operations Manager, Nathan Luker, was invited to contribute an article to the Australian Human Resources Institute's online publication, hrmonline.com.au. We have included the article in below or alternatively read the full version here. A whistleblower policy, supported by an external reporting program, strengthens any organisation’s ability to detect fraud, corruption...

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How to comply with Australia’s Whistleblower Legislation

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