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Happy Mental Health Month!

It's mental health month and at Clarity Group and Your Call we are razor focused on the psychological safety of the workforce. Prevention is key and at Clarity we walk the talk….. and talk the walk. We believe that every day should be focused on keeping people mentally fit, healthy...

Mental Health Hazards Lurk in the Workplace

In the Herald Sun, Clarity Group's Jane Burns recently discussed how the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are wreaking havoc on what was already a rapidly growing issue for Australian workers - poor mental health in the workplace. Lockdowns have exposed that improving and maintain the mental health of...

RUOK Day: 10 e-Tools to support good mental health

RUOK Day is this Thursday, the 9th of September…. And with half the country in lock-down my guess is that most people would definitively say NO. NO. I am not OK. I am frustrated, tired of home schooling, lonely, frightened and anxious because we do not seem to have a...

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