Your-Call has taken its experience from the receipt of information from whistleblowers to develop a completely secure, confidential and anonymous reporting option for feedback.

For the first time in Australia employees, vendors, suppliers, customers and investors (shareholders) will be able to provide confidential and anonymous information on not only matters of concern through Your-Alert but through Your-Say with the one independent service provider.

Traditional feedback survey or focus group efforts have often been found to be cumbersome, time-consuming and difficult to use from a participant perspective.

The other bigger risk has been that by the time such survey feedback is tabulated, analysed and shared, the input provided is often several weeks old before action is taken leaving the participant dissatisfied and feeling “why did I bother?”

Your-Say‘s online feedback mechanism allows organisations to listen and quickly respond to the suggestions, complaints, and information provided by the participant.

This allows management to unearth not only staff unrest which can affect morale and productivity but also uncover valuable operational and management suggestions (the “hidden gold”) from those on the shop-floor to better working relationships, output and processes.

End-to-End Case Management

Your-Call´s own iAnalysis Case Management dashboard and analytics software allows the company to create a seamless workflow when documenting, investigating and resolving company feedback. From the initial receipt of the information through to its final resolution, the company can document activities in a convenient, centralised system maintained by Your-Call that helps you ensure information received is resolved effectively, efficiently and appropriately.

Ongoing ∞ Communication

Your-Call’s unique Message board enables three way communication with the participant who can maintain their anonymity. The process is managed seamlessly through our iAnalysis Case Management System.

The Your-Call web site uses the latest in encryption and authentication technology, ensuring that your communications on our web site are secure and private. The ‘https’ keyword in the location bar ensures that this connection is encrypted.

Use Your-Call with peace of mind using our secure 256-bit encrypted connection by Thawte.

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