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24/7 reporting pathways

We are here when your people want to speak up without fear

Take an integrated approach to your reporting pathways. Your Call offers multiple ways for people to speak up about misconduct when they are not comfortable using internal channels, when wanting to remain anonymous or when simply unsure where to turn. To ensure organisations receive high quality information, and whistleblowers the upmost respect and diligence, all disclosures are received by our in-house team 24/7 365 days a year.

Whistleblowing Hotline

Whistleblowing Hotline

Answered immediately by our in-house respectful experts

Online & Mobile Reporting

Online & Mobile Reporting

Secure, personalised & designed for all devices

Email & Post

Email & Post

Readily available and effective in certain circumstances

Disclosure Management System

The right tool for the job

Managing your obligations and activities in relation to whistleblowing can be complex, which is why we designed the most powerful, secure and efficient Disclosure Management System available to support your Whistleblower Protection Officers. Whether your stakeholder headcount is 25 or 50,000, our system allows you to seamlessly receive, manage and document all disclosures in one central location. Not to mention, the ability to track implementation of your support strategy, risk assessments and remediation. Your Call’s DMS is web based and does not require any software to be downloaded or integrated. All data is encrypted and stored within Australia.

  • Manage disclosure workflows, view evidence, communicate with whistleblowers and securely store historic disclosures
  • Personalise our service for your people & organisation
  • Conduct in-depth analysis, benchmarking and trend reporting
  • Keep information safe and secure

Ongoing anonymous communication

A whistleblower portal to help reach resolutions

Keeping people up-to-date, asking further questions and providing support is crucial in a whistleblowing investigation. So we custom built a whistleblower portal to keep people and their organisation connected in real-time after making a disclosure. From status updates and anonymous or known secure communication to reporting victimisation the Your Call whistleblower portal will strengthen your disclosure management process.

Expert team

Our team provide a real end-to-end independent service

Times have changed. Organisations recognise a best practice external whistleblowing program is greater than a simple hotline or internally managed incident system. We provide everything you require to establish and maintain a modern, long-term and compliant external program. Along with 24/7 reporting pathways we provide consulting, training, implementation support, disclosure management advice and program health checks.

Independent from start to finish

Independent from start to finish

An organisation’s whistleblowing program must stand up to scrutiny and promote a speak up culture. Your Call acts as the intermediary between the whistleblower and the organisation at all times throughout the lifetime of a disclosure. Receiving the initial information isn’t our beginning and end… it’s our first step.

Years of relevant experience in whistleblowing

Years of relevant experience in whistleblowing

Your Call’s Disclosure Officers draw on experience from thousands of whistleblower matters when receiving and reviewing every disclosure. Our regularly trained Officers understand the sensitive situations and diverse emotions people can experience when speaking up.  This experience results in people having confidence in their decision to speak up and organisations receiving high quality information.

Client success is our passion

Client success is our passion

We put customer service front and centre in everything we do. Having operated for more than 14 years, our team understands the tools and support you need to humanise the whistleblowing process whilst also delivering a best practice whistleblowing policy and external program.

Launch a modern whistleblowing hotline at your organisation today & create a speak up culture

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