Inside HR interviews Nathan Luker, the CEO & Co-Founder of Your Call. In this exclusive Q&A, Nathan speaks on what HR leaders need to consider when grappling with how to adapt existing policies and procedures to the new way of working.

What are three key issues that need to be considered by HR managers when transitioning to working from home (WFH)? What are the short-term and long-term steps that organisations can take to overcome these key issues?

COVID-19 and the enforced move to working from home has put HR under the spotlight and for the most part, they’ve risen to the challenge. HR departments are generally well trained in their ability to plan for and respond to a crisis, but it’s another thing to sustain such plans for an extended period – and at this point in time, into perpetuity. Even so, there has never been a better time for HR to demonstrate their value to the organisation, especially at a time when non-revenue generating business functions are being scrutinised.

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