Not for Profit Fraud Survey 2010

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The not-for-profit (NFP) sector is quite significant to the economy and recent reported cases have raised questions about the extent of fraud in this sector. There are over 700,000 NFPs across Australia and New Zealand, with a combined income of $76 billion, holding approximately $138 billion in assets and contributing approximately 4.1% to GDP. The sector covers a diverse range of organisations in areas such as: culture and recreation, education and research, health, social services, environment, development and housing, law and politics, philanthropy, religion and business and professional associations.

There is concern about the damaging effects fraud can have on NFPs. The community already has questions about what portion of public and donated funds actually benefit the intended recipients. Reports of fraud can affect the community’s willingness to donate funds, but also reduce NFPs’ ability to obtain funding and grants from various agencies.

The main lessons for the NFP sector are for the Board to practice strong governance and risk management, establish a fraud control policy, implement and promote a strong ethical culture through a code of conduct, establish a whistle-blower policy and establish and monitor internal controls.