Fraud hotline saves $1.3m

Public tip-offs to the Motor Accident Commission (South Australia) have led to a dozen people being caught for injury fraud in the past three weeks. The Commission says it has meant savings of $1.3 million.

Ben Tuffnell, from the Commission, says some people go to extraordinary lengths to try to rip-off the system. “Recently we’ve seen people who’ve been involved in staging crashes and seeking motor injury insurance that way,” he said.

“People often exaggerate their injuries or they just make false claims so there’s many ways people do try and rort the system. The bottom line is you will get caught.”

Mr Tuffnell says the savings ultimately benefit other motorists. “We estimate we’ve saved about $25 million in the past five years and that’s probably saved people about $10 per registration off their motor vehicle, so there are benefits in there for people if you do report fraud, if you do hear of someone rorting the system,” he said.