Connect your employees with our trained officers via our Online Reporting and Whistleblowing Hotline

Your Call is completely dedicated to protecting whistleblowers, receiving in depth information and protecting organisations.

To fulfill Your Call’s mission our team is committed to providing clients with a best practice program that:

  • Empowers employees with the knowledge their organisation values integrity and ethics
  • Facilitates secure ongoing communication with employees – even when remaining anonymous
  • Provides an ‘out of hours’ whistleblowing hotline to ensure those reporting feel at ease and provide a maximum amount of useful information – away form the workplace.
  • Offers 24/7 online reporting to accommodate lodgement preferences of individuals and following global trends
  • Ensures all disclosures are handled by trained Protected Disclosure Officers
  • A team who focuses on robust black letter policies, multiple reporting pathways and the development of a ‘speak up’ culture
  • End-to-end disclosure management via our Case Management System

24/7 Online Reporting

Your Call has developed a new online approach to disclosure management, fraud/misconduct reporting and the receipt of information from whistleblowers.

Our 24/7 online whistleblowing service supplements the traditional whistleblowing hotline and is the most secure and confidential way to make a report.

Reporting is no longer defined by boundaries or time zones with over 60% of reporting of concerns now received. electronically.

Our online solution provides organisaiton’s with the flexibility to increase their number of reporting pathways and maintain a cost effective 24/7 reporting solution – aligning with their employees and corporate culture. Find out about our commitment to online security here.

Whistleblowing Hotline

Whistleblowing hotlines have consistently proven their ability to detect and deter corrupt behaviour. Research by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) found  organisations with external hotlines are much more likely to catch fraud by a tip off and experience frauds that are 41% less costly and are detected 50% quicker.

These reductions are dramatic and there is scope to further reduce fraud by improving the typical whistleblowing hotline.

Case Management System

With no software download required, our highly secure Case Management System has been designed to provide end-to-end disclosure management for all organisations. From powerful analytics and reporting tools to resource status tracking and ongoing whistleblower communication via the Message Board – our Case Management system adds unique value to organisation’s corporate governance toolkit. Find out about our commitment to online security here.


Organisation’s receive an Account Manager across all of our service packages to ensure a streamlined and successful implementation. This includes a range of useful resources, policy samples, promotion/communication assistance and training. The ongoing health of the program is then monitored by your Account Manager to ensure it is continually maximised and in-line with our best practice approach. External Investigation partnerships are also available for organisation’s to utilise at their disposal.

Your Call is available to provide tailored consulting services to organisations on the development of whistleblowing programs, policy development and training programs.

Learn more about the benefits of our solutions here

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