What is Whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is about people taking steps to right perceived wrongdoings. In Australia, whistleblowing is often viewed negatively by managers and employees alike.

Some organisations are unwilling to recognise that a thorough, secure and anonymous whistleblowing mechanism enables leaders to correct practices that may harm employees, shareholders, customers or clients. Unchallenged, such wrongdoing can reduce profitability, tarnish your reputation, demoralise employees, and result in substantial fines or costly lawsuits.

That’s why it is important for business leaders and employees to understand what modern whistleblowing is, how it can benefit them and their organisation and how it can be best implemented and managed.

Without the vital information that can be gleaned from employees having a trusted, anonymous and independent channel for voicing their concerns, organisations risk creating long term problems that could have been identified and addressed here and now.

Often whistleblowers expose long term, hidden problems. This reluctance from employees to come forward can be attributed to a variety of factors, but, in Australia particularly, one of the biggest deterrents to whistleblowing is the incorrect concept of “mateship”.

Your-Call´s services of  enable people to report independently, securely and anonymously, without fear of exposure and the ramifications they imagine could result from their whistleblowing.

We are committed to elevating the integrity of whistleblowing in terms of best-practice services and public perception.

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