It is our job to obtain from you the information required to assess and address the reported matter.

We have a commitment to protect any information you entrust us with and deal with it respectfully. We will ensure the information is brought to the attention of executive management in a timely manner.

We understand the decision to make a report can be difficult. We respect your honesty and the integrity of your decision to take action or to speak out.

We have included details of whistleblower / whistleblowing support groups on our Links page should you wish to seek assistance.

We will support and assist you in the reporting of information whether it is online, by email or via telephone with one of our specially trained disclosure management officers.

All whistleblowing information submitted to us is secured by the 256 bit encryption used on our server. All information is instantaneously encrypted and backed up to a second server at a different secure location.

To enable us to get the required information we need you to assist us by doing the following:

  • Provide a detailed description or outline of the issue you are reporting. For example, dishonest, inappropriate workplace behavior, unsafe workplace or your suggestion for a better work practice
  • Give us as many specific details as possible including matters you may deem not to be relevant. For example-
    • Names of people involved;
    • Witnesses;
    • Dates and times;
    • Places and events;
    • If theft or fraud, how much money do you think is involved? Where has the money gone? Etc
    • If property, has it been removed from the work place or is about to be?
    • Has the property been sold or is it being stored pending sale? Etc
    • If suggestion, how best to implement?
    • Whose work area?
    • Benefits e.g. cost or time savings
  • Identify relevant supporting evidence including any physical documentation, emails, records or evidence including where the evidence is stored and the likelihood of destruction or disposal of that evidence. This evidence may be necessary.

On submitting your whistleblowing information using our website you will be given a unique disclosure identification (DIN) or information receipt  number (IRN). Please secure this number and do not give it to anyone else. You will be able to use this number if you so desire to verify the receipt of your information by Your-Call and the date we forwarded it to your organisation at our Confirmation of Receipt of Secure Report page.


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