Confirmation of Receipt of Report

Confirmation of Receipt of Report is designed to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that your information has been securely received by Your Call and the organisation to which your information is directed.

At the submission of your report, you were provided with either a Disclosure Identification number (DIN) or Information Receipt number (IRN).

You are required to use this number to confirm receipt of the report.

The only information you are provided with is the date receipted by Your Call and the date your company or organisation acknowledged receipt of it. No confidential information is provided.

The latest in encryption and authentication technology is used, ensuring that your confirmation of receipt of report is secure and private. The ‘https’ keyword in the location bar above ensures that this connection is encrypted.

Communicating with Your Call and your organisaition

To communicate with Your Call or your organisation after your report was made, please sign in to the Message Board or visit our Support page.


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