Whistleblower Protection

Whistleblower Protection Keeps You Safe And Your Information Private

Protection provided to a whistleblower is outlined in your organisation’s whistleblower policy. It is also determined in some instances by the type of matter you are reporting and relevant legislation.

Your Call’s clients all have whistleblowing policies and programs. These are designed to encourage reporting and provide best possible whistleblower protection to those who make disclosures in good faith. We suggest you review your organisation’s whistleblowing policy and procedure to see how it applies in your workplace.

Your Call has an agreement to provide a whistleblower service to your organisation and its employees, customers, vendors, suppliers and investors. Our service facilitates confidential, anonymous communications to the organisation.

Our Service Agreement stipulates that we will not disclose the identity of the whistleblower if he or she wants to remain anonymous unless Your Call is directed to by a court of law.

Your Call is responsible for handling your information and delivering it to your organisation. We take every effort and all reasonable steps to protect and secure your information. All information and communications are protected by 256 bit encryption. This is the same level of security applied by financial institutions.

Your Call’s philosophy is “we listen, we respect, we protect”. This is a philosophy shared by our clients.

Who is a whistleblower?

In essence a whistleblower is someone who takes steps to report perceived wrongdoings.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) states the term “whistleblower” has several meanings, but is usually used to refer to someone who alerts the authorities to misconduct from within an organisation.

Australian Standard AS8004 “Whistleblower Protection Programs for Entities” defines a whistleblower at 1.4.7 as “A person being a director, manager, employee or contractor of an entity who, whether anonymously or not, makes, attempts to make or wishes to make a report in connection with reportable conduct and where the whistleblower wishes to avail themselves of protection against reprisal for having made the report. A whistleblower may or may not wish to remain anonymous.”

Similar definitions apply internationally.

Protection for whistleblowers

Australian Standard AS8004 “Whistleblower Protection Programs for Entities”

The Australian Standard guides organisations on how to effectively deal with reports from whistleblowers in a way that will protect the identity and security of information provided by the whistleblower. It also provides guidance on whistleblower protection policies against reprisal by any person internal or external to the organisation.


International Whistleblower Legislation

In the USA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act gives whistleblower protection for corporate employees and mandates companies to establish procedures to permit anonymous reporting by employees.

In the United Kingdom, the Combined Code of Corporate Governance establishes whistleblower protection and audit committees have whistleblower arrangements for financial reporting irregularities.

Australian Legislation

Whistleblower protection is provided through legislation in most Australian States for the public sector. Commonwealth laws are due for release soon.

In the private sector, whistleblowers may be entitled to whistleblower protection under the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) Part 9.4AAA Section 1317 AA-AE.

Whistleblower protection is provided under various public and private sector legislation against discrimination, intimidation or harassment arising out of the making of the public interest disclosure or protected disclosure.

Your organisation whistleblowing policy will detail how legislation provides whistleblower protection.

Remember these protections are in addition to the commitment made by your organisation to protect you when it made the decision to provide you with this external independent option to report matters of concern which you believe adversely affect or improve your organisation.

Your-Alert enables you to alert Executive Management with information relating to dishonesty, fraud, unsafe environments, unethical and other inappropriate behaviour in the workplace or in respect of business relationships and transactions.

Your-Alert can be accessed online at any time or place 24/7 where you have an internet connection and provides you with 100% independent, secure and confidential reporting. Your information is assessed promptly and delivered to senior executives at the top of your company or organisation.

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