Your Call is delighted to welcome Lauren Witherdin as our new CEO. 

Lauren formerly led KPMG’s whistleblowing service. She is a Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years of forensic experience and is one of Australia’s leading experts on corporate whistleblowing programs who contributed to the Parliamentary Inquiry into whistleblowing and the development of Australia’s new whistleblowing laws.

Lauren’s appointment allows our co-Founder and incumbent CEO, Nathan Luker, to move into a Group CEO role with a focus on Rely, our intelligent case management platform that helps organisations prevent, detect and respond to conduct and culture issues.

We sat down with Lauren for a quick 5-minute Q&A to learn more about her and her passion for building better cultures.

Why have you built a career in whistleblowing?

Early in my career, I investigated complex financial fraud and misconduct matters within large corporations across Australia and Asia. In most cases, the improper conduct had continued over an average of three years, and there was often at least one bystander who had turned a blind eye. For me, this created a compelling argument to seek improvements in Australia’s whistleblowing laws and a passion for helping organisations create robust whistleblower programs that are effective.  

Whistleblowing is still an emerging area governed by relatively new legislation.  It can present a real challenge for leaders and people making disclosures if it isn’t done well. On the other hand, a successful whistleblower framework is a huge asset resulting in real cultural, operational, reputational and financial benefits. It’s very rewarding to help organisations and people making disclosures navigate this sensitive territory.

What drives your passion for building better cultures?

A good culture is the glue that holds an organisation together and optimises its performance.

I first became interested in culture when I was a young auditor at KPMG. Working across a portfolio or organisations, I gained good insight into the cultural differences between organisations, and the relationship between a positive culture and financial success.

Personally, I find it rewarding to help organisations build positive cultures that are good for people and good for business.

Why have you chosen Your Call? And why make the move now?

Your Call has a great reputation in the market. As a Certified B Corp, I like that we are driven by purpose as well as profit, and we have a team of people who are passionate about helping our clients build better cultures. 

When I was approached to join Your Call, I saw an opportunity to lead the next chapter of growth for a successful firm who specialises solely in the area that I am so passionate about: integrity and whistleblowing.

What are your priorities for your first 100 days in the seat as CEO?

In the next three months, I want to:

  1. Get to know Your Call’s team – they’re a talented bunch and I want to know how I can best support them to continue to excel in their work.
  2. Meet Your Call’s clients and partners, understand their priorities and how I can help them build better cultures.
  3. Review operational processes and identify how we can continue to deliver the best experience for our clients and people making disclosures as we continue to experience rapid growth.

What are the top 3 governance issues Australian organisations are facing?

  1. I think conduct and culture issues pose significant risks that don’t always get the time and attention at board level they deserve. This has a flow on effect to trust and integrity – within the organisation, and externally.
  2. ESG – environmental, social and governance is on every board’s agenda with an emphasis on how to demonstrate impact. 
  3. And cyber security is an ever-evolving issue and organisations must remain vigilant and continue to educate people about the risks.

You spent 20+ years at KPMG working with some of the largest companies in Australia and globally, what insights will you bring from that experience to help Your Call’s clients?

KPMG provided me with an opportunity to work with a full spectrum of clients, ranging from big banks with sophisticated whistleblowing programs through to small not-for-profits with stretched resources.

I’ve gained an intimate knowledge of these diverse cultures and systems, giving me insight into what works and what does not. I look forward to using this experience for the benefit of Your Call’s clients.

How do you relax at weekends?

I enjoy hanging out with my family. I have two primary school-aged children and a wonderful husband.

Otherwise, I am an enthusiastic (albeit novice) horse rider and I enjoy going for a surf on one of Sydney’s many spectacular beaches. 

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