Governance Toolkit

Governance Institute of Australia has delivered a practical toolkit to assist any potential or current member of a non-government school board.

The guide is endorsed by the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia and is developed in conjunction with relevant experts with the aim to assist schools in achieving and maintaining a high standard of governance.

As outlined by Governance Institute’s National Director, Policy, Judith Fox “Joining a school board is no longer a pastime for the well-intentioned amateur. It’s a serious role. Those on the boards of incorporated schools have the same legal duties as directors of for-profit companies and face significant penalties if those duties are breached. Today, school governors and councillors need sophisticated skills to help their schools navigate complex terrain and must approach their oversight role in a rigorous, ethical and accountable way. Our toolkit provides practical guidance to help them deal with the unique challenges they are likely to encounter”.

The toolkit clearly outlines the importance to managing stakeholders via transparency, developing a robust risk management framework and creating a ‘clear line of sight’ for the board.

Read the full press release on the Governance Institute’s website, here and download the toolkit for free, here.