Provide Employee Feedback More Effectively

Employers know that their best asset is you, their employees. The information you hold is the lifeblood of the organisation.

Employers understand that listening to employee feedback is equivalent to monitoring the pulse of their organisation. If you have issues, the organisation has issues.

Workplace discontent spreads easily, leading to high staff turnover, reduced productivity and lower profits. This is a no-win situation for everyone.

Your-Call has created an accessible, user-friendly employee feedback system with its Your-Say service, for organisations to unlock not only staff dissatisfaction, but also obtain valuable operational and management suggestions from those who perform various tasks.

Your-Call acknowledges workplaces have changed with many employees now having higher qualifications. Your-Say provides a simple means by which you can have your say, engage with your employer and benefit your organisation via the knowledge or ideas provided through employee feedback.

Like all feedback mechanisms, Your-Call recognises the success or failure of an employee feedback system rests on the ease with which employees are able to provide feedback. If the system is difficult (or risky) for you to disclose information, then we understand that you simply will not use it.

Old-fashioned, paper-based employee feedback methods are riddled with barriers. The fear of rejection or ridicule discourages many from providing feedback. The Your-Say online employee feedback system removes barriers and disincentives, providing an easy, instant, streamlined and accessible means for you to express your ideas and concerns.

Real-time feedback

Your-Call´s online reporting mechanism is revolutionising the way employee feedback is collected, collated and distributed. It now makes having Your-Say fast and simple.

Our information management system ensures employee feedback is received securely and shared immediately with those who need to know. You can remain anonymous if you wish. No personal information is collected. It is a complete server to server application not an email system. You can provide feedback at any time from the comfort of your own home.

Employers can listen and quickly respond to the information you provided.

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