Improve Your Shopping Or Service Experience By Providing Customer Feedback

Customer retention and loyalty is a high priority for organisations.

Organisations recognise that to improve loyalty and retention they need to receive and listen to vital customer feedback.

Organisations who value customer feedback recognise that many current feedback data systems are outdated and time consuming.

The internet and online survey technology makes providing customer feedback easier than ever. No more lengthy written forms to complete and post by snail mail.

Organisations have adopted the fast online system, <strong><span class=”green”>Your-Say</span></strong>, to enable them to instantly receive customer feedback, collate information and view reports in real time.

<h4 class=”product-title”>Real-time feedback</h4>

<strong><span class=”green”>Your-Say</span></strong> uses a fast user-friendly customer feedback online system to allow you to provide your information on your shopping or service experience, product feedback and suggestions from the comfort of your own home. It makes having Your-Say fast and simple.

Our information management system ensures your customer feedback is securely received and shared immediately with those who need to know. You can remain totally anonymous if you wish. No personal information is collected. It is a complete server to server application not an email system.

This allows organisations to listen and quickly respond to the information you provided.

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