Your Call’s Your-Alert and Your-Say Web based Solutions provide access to those authorised in Management to the Your Call website through a secure client login at any time or place where the authorised person has access to an internet connection.

Management is able to access the information supplied in real time in response to developed sets of questions to illicit maximum information. If the person has elected to remain anonymous to your organisation, we will edit any information or attachment that will potentially identify the person. If edited, the person and the organisation will be notified that it has been done so as to ensure the integrity and transparency of our systems.

Your Call’s purpose built and designed Case Management System makes it possible and allows the  organisation to create a seamless workflow when documenting, investigating and resolving disclosures (whistleblower complaints) of illegal or unethical behaviour or feedback. From the initial notification of the disclosure through to its final resolution, the  organisation can document activities in a convenient, centralised system that helps it ensure disclosures and information are resolved effectively, efficiently and appropriately.