Your Call’s experience, based on reporting we have had to date and overseas reporting systems, shows that reporting generally occurs outside of working hours.

What then is the best mechanism to capture the information?

Internet (server to server application not email)

  • access 24/7 365 days a year
  • seeks information on specific conduct types ranging from dishonesty to behavioural to safety
  • seeks real time feedback opinion on products/services, operational processes, equipment, policies, corporate culture, employee morale, productivity and workplace safety/environment.
  • readily available in places outside the workplace & family home including libraries and internet cafes
  • internet use in Australia is among the highest rates in the western world
  • on line help/instructions to assist employee or user to answer a series of questions
  • provides the actual information not an interpretation of a conversation
  • potential confrontation of a telephone interview is removed
  • offers greater anonymity to the employee as there is no voice recognition
  • use of technology to receive information through a web based platform reduces operational and administrative costs making this an inexpensive, secure and easy to administer whistleblower system


  • access determined by hours of operation
  • no control over type of calls or information sought
  • voice identification
  • provides a personal medium
  • allows the call taker to develop a rapport with the employee to illicit all relevant information
  • generally only notes of the telephone conversation are made by the call taker and an interpretation is made on what was said
  • use of qualified and experienced call takers ensures quality and quantity of the information
  • hours of operation and qualifications/experience of call takers (protected disclosure officers) makes this option more costly, particularly if opt for verbatim transcription of conversation, and increases the level of administration and security

Your Call has found from its experience, web based disclosures are increasing every year. We suspect cultural factors in Australia such as mateship, the layout of modern office workplaces, and leaning by the younger generation towards technology, along with avoiding the perceived confrontation of an interview and maintaining anonymity contribute to this trend.

Other whistleblower service providers who offer only the traditional telephone service have reportedly found 60% of their information is now derived from emails. It is worth noting email does not offer the same levels of security and anonymity as Your Call’s server based solution.

The key to an effective whistleblowing system is scalability to offer a range of reporting options to suit the particular workplace, its people and culture such as telephone and the locked mail bag facility offered as part of Your Call’s web based Solution PLUS.