Your Call is often asked does its service simply become a place where people have a gripe, a whinge or vent their spleen. Pleasingly this has not been our experience and much of this is credited to our clients and the manner in which their whistleblowing program has been implemented and managed. Employees have approached the opportunity to communicate directly to the company’s management positively and realise if that they don’t little will change, and adverse comments will simply jeopardise an opportunity to communicate with the top of the organisation at the click of a mouse. The majority of disclosures received have contained specifics that have enabled our clients to investigate, follow-up and respond appropriately. In the commencement of the program some new clients experience an initial spike in reporting, an activity which brings into the open issues which have been known but suppressed in the organisation or “sleeper” issues i.e. ones which have been hidden. The spike in activity has a positive effect by flushing out unknown risks and dealing with issues that may have been holding the organisation back such as employee morale and productivity. It also creates a belief in the program when employees actually see complaints and suggestions being dealt with by management.