A few simple steps can get your organisation started and enjoying the benefits of knowing that your employees, customers, vendors and suppliers can immediately have 24/7 access to Your Call’s totally independent secure external online reporting solutions.

Follow these five easy start up steps to immediate access to Your-Alert and Your-Say:

  1. Enquire on-line for service information, a quote or a meeting with one of our experienced Disclosure Management Services consultants.
    2. Sign the standard service agreement and payment plan
    3. Receive your unique Organisation ID number
    4. Start to use www.whistleblowing.com.au
    5. Utilise your intranet, a global email, letter or even a message on pay slips to create an immediate awareness of the Service.

Your Call integrity cards and posters will widen knowledge of the program in your business

Your Call can work with your organisation to develop a planned communication strategy to educate employees, customers, vendors and suppliers and leaders about the benefits of reporting fraud, other concerns and feedback.

Your Call can, if required, provide tailored training and awareness programs for your employees and stakeholders.

In the meantime your employees and stakeholders can easily access the Your Call website and read for themselves about the aims of the service and start confidentially and securely reporting fraud and providing feedback. However Your Call acknowledges that some organisations do not have a whistleblower policy or procedure and it can take some time to get this correctly in place. Sometimes a small delay is preferable to getting it wrong.

The engagement with employees and stakeholders can be built over time like any awareness program. The most important aspect is that the program is correctly communicated at the commencement.

You know your people and your culture and Your Call will work to your timetable.

Remember to delay may result in you missing a window of opportunity for a concerned employee or stakeholder to report an incident when it most worries them or provide you with feedback that may just change and improve your business.