Your Call has developed a number of strategies with its clients to provide employees and stakeholders who have elected to remain anonymous with feedback which is critical to the long term success of the program.

Part of Your Call’s Your-Alert and Your-Say is our specially designed Message Board system. It allows for a continuous figure 8 loop of communication with the person who made the disclosure who can continue to remain anonymous in a secure private on line chat forum where all the pieces or threads of conversation are delivered and maintained securely by Your Call. On receipt of the message by Your Call it is reviewed and edited if necessary, to maintain anonymity, then shared with the organisation concerned, commented upon by them and returned to Your Call to deliver to the whistleblower.

The Message Board allows for questions to be asked and answered and permits the upload of documents, accounting spreadsheets or other financial records or images.

In addition our clients use other communication strategies which include:

(i) Reference in Employee Publications
(ii) Special Bulletins
(iii) In House Newsletters
(iv) Feedback at Employee Meetings
(v) Postings on Bulletin Boards in common areas of workplaces
(vi) Company Intranet

Even more powerful feedback is provided from instances where clients have responded to information. Your Call has had cases where information received in relation to sexual harassment and bullying have led to organisations taking proactive action and introducing presentations and workshops on these topics before situations progress to the stage where the parties concerned take legal action or where the first you know of it, the employee has gone on sick leave. On one occasion, later employee survey feedback included a comment which stated words to the effect “I didn’t know anyone was aware of what was happening to me until unexpectedly EEO presentations started”.

In an internal theft case reported anonymously to Your Call through its online web based solution, the speed and immediacy by which our system operates enabled us to not only detect the parties responsible but recover the goods (stock) before it was on sold. This not only sent an immediate response to the whistleblower but sent a message to others in the workplace that theft would not be tolerated.

Both these incidents highlight that Your-Alert in effect becomes a self regulating behavioural mechanism “ticking” away 24/7 in the background, always present allowing the secure submission of information confidentially and anonymously at any time.