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“The former executive of the imploded giant United States energy trader now travels the world as a business ethics expert and public speaker, spreading cautionary tales of the corruption that led to Enron’s collapse in December 2001, leaving liabilities of around $US80 billion ($NZ119 billion).

Ms Brewer, a forensic accountant and legal professional, was one of three woman Enron employees who blew the whistle at much the same time on numerous examples of corrupt dealings, bank fraud, espionage, power price manipulation and over-exaggerations of the company’s financial position.

Now she is president of the Integrity Institute, a not-for-profit organisation that assesses the integrity of an organisation.

“I’m leading the charge to make the world a better place for institutional investors. We assess and certify integrity and consider how an organisation can communicate that is not an Enron. Financial statements can’t be trusted any more.”