The team at Your Call are privileged to work with highly reputable private, public, NFP and Government organisations who take whistleblowing seriously.

For the majority, appointing our service is generally a proactive initiative by the Executive Leadership Team who have approached the development of their Whistleblowing Program with a best practice and long term lens.

This being said, we do encounter organisations in need of our assistance or consulting in a reactive situation.

“Where people in the organisation are seeing wrong things happening, they should be regarded and celebrated for highlighting them” Greg Medcraft, ASIC Chairman

Over the last 11 years, we have noted clear similarities, across all sectors that make up an effective Whistleblowing Program. Despite the organisation’s location or structure, basic guiding principles need to be present in order to 1. Offer stakeholders effective and unbiased reporting pathways, and 2. Protect the commercial and reputational interests of the organisation.

“Companies that require whistleblowers to lodge a complaint internally need to take a reality check” Adele Ferguson, The Australian Financial Review

A modern and robust Whistleblowing Policy is the bedrock of an effective Program. It clearly shows an organisation’s rigour, seriousness and commitment towards allowing its stakeholders to ‘speak up’. This being said, it is not enough in isolation and should include the other major components of an effective Program:

  • Long-term commitment from the Executive Leadership Team
  • Modern and robust Whistleblowing Policy
  • Adequate confidentiality and whistleblower protections
  • Best practice independent reporting pathway (24/7 hotline and online reporting)
  • Ongoing communication and training adapted to an organisation’s differing hierarchy structure

To learn more contact a Your Call expert or download our best practice Whistleblowing Checklist here.