Your Call has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that information arising from or in connection with the Service including access to information is restricted to designated and authorised persons pursuant to the Service Agreement.

Whilst Your Call has taken all reasonable steps to keep the information confidential Your Call shall not be bound to retain as confidential any information if :

  • the information is or becomes part of public domain otherwise than by breach of the Service Agreement by Your Call;
  • the information was in the Your Call’s possession prior to disclosure to it by the Organisation;
  • the information is required to be disclosed by the operation of any laws;
  • the Organisation has given written approval to the disclosure of the information; or
  • if at any time the Organisation or its employees engage in spamming or commits a breach of the agreement as defined in the Service Agreement;

The Organisation shall not seek from and nor is Your Call required to provide in any circumstances what so ever any information, data or fact, whether derived from the Your Call Protected Disclosure Form ™, its lodgement or otherwise which in Your Call’s sole and unfettered discretion may identify the person or entity making or providing information in respect of a disclosure.

Your Call may disclose any information, data, or fact identifying a person or entity making a disclosure provided that Your Call has expressed consent from or has reasonable cause to believe that the person making the disclosure has consented to doing so.

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