Control Risk with a Whistleblower Solution

An effective way to control risk is to reduce your organisation´s exposure to the theft of product (stock), misuse of services and damage to brand and product/service reputation by tapping into the information source provided through the eyes and ears of those on the payroll and from those with whom business is done i.e. suppliers and customers etc.

Insufficient measures to control risk can spill over to the loss of staff, decreased morale and reduced productivity.

To effectively control risk within organisations of all kinds, Your-Call has developed secure, external and independent services that receive confidential information from employees, customers, vendors, suppliers and even shareholders100% anonymously in real-time.

Real-time feedback

Our revolutionary online reporting solutions of Your-Alert allow leaders to control risk by tapping into real-time 24/7, live information on matters of concern in 4 key areas: dishonesty; behavioural issues(e.g. bullying and harassment); regulation; and safety, and Your-Say enables employees, customers, vendors and suppliers to have their say on a range of matters concerning the organisation’s products and services; the way business is done; and the security of stock.

The recent KPMG´s 2008 Fraud Survey of Australian and New Zealand organisations showed that of all frauds investigated, 22% were identified by employees, 23% by external third parties and 2% through anonymous letters or calls. Whistleblowing in effect, accounts for a total of 47% of all frauds and thefts uncovered in the workplace.

Two other the key findings of the KPMG 2008 Fraud Survey found that fraud was usually detected by a workplace colleague but almost 12 months after it starts and the average fraud was $1.5 million. Real-time alerts and feedback potentially allow the organisation to control risk by identifying issues before they grow to these levels.

To place trust simply in existing internal controls and reporting systems without developing a whistleblower program overlooks the fact that despite one´s best efforts some people have unfortunately an inherent distrust of their employer. These people want the security and protection offered by an independent service which is also not burdened by any potential conflicts of interest.

Your-Alert and Your-Say sit alongside the organisation´s Code of Conduct promoting honesty, integrity and transparency and don´t replace existing processes for raising concerns or feedback in the workplace but rather complement these reporting mechanisms by providing an external independent reporting option to an organisation´s whistleblower policy.

Your-Call treats every disclosure with urgency, ensuring timely and successful transmission of every disclosure and notifying you immediately of crisis situations.

Your-Call´s Case Management allows the company to create a seamless workflow when documenting, investigating and resolving disclosures (whistleblower complaints) of illegal or unethical behavior or feedback. From the initial notification of the disclosure to final resolution, the company can document activities in a convenient, centralised system maintained by Your-Call that helps you ensure disclosures and information are resolved effectively, efficiently and appropriately.

The Your-Call web site uses the latest encryption and authentication technology, ensuring that communications are secure and private. The ‘https’ keyword in the location bar above ensures that this connection is encrypted.

Your-Call´s online reporting solutions come with the peace of mind that sensitive information travels over our secure 128-bit encrypted connection run by leading global SSL certificate provider, Thawte.

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