Increase Workplace Productivity through Whistleblowing

Employees best understand workplace productivity. If employees are provided with a means of expressing their ideas without fearing retaliation then workplace productivity can be improved.

Making the safety, health and wellbeing of staff an integral part of business, is an important step in improving workplace productivity and reaping the benefits it creates. The simple fact is that if employees aren´t happy, it won´t be long before your clients and customers aren´t happy.

People are a company’s most valuable resource. The ability to understand their needs and wants is crucial to ensuring their satisfaction and encouraging greater workplace productivity.

The cost of losing valuable employees is higher than the cost of implementing a system through which they can express their concerns and frustrations about workplace productivity. This is especially so when one considers the increased value that satisfied and committed employees create.

Workplace productivity can also be enhanced by those outside your business looking in. Customers, Vendors, Suppliers and Shareholders often have a different perspective and for the first time companies can offer their employees and stakeholders a one stop communication portal where they can provide their Alert or have their Say.

Your Call´s online reporting systems, Your-Alert, allow leaders to hear and assess employee and stakeholder feedback in one place in a timely manner. This eliminates the reactive approach necessitated by off-line reporting systems. Thus, leaders are able to improve workplace productivity by monitoring the work environment.

Your-Alert provides a secure, anonymous and easily accessible means to report fraudulent, corrupt and inappropriate/unsafe behaviour in the workplace.

Your-Say allows those within your organisation and outside of it to have their say on workplace productivity in real time and have it securely received and shared immediately with those who need to know. Your-Say can unlock simmering staff unrest and also uncover valuable operational and management suggestions from all levels of the organisation.

Users of both services can remain totally anonymous if they choose to do so. No personal information is collected. It is a complete server to server application not an email system. It can be used at any time or place where there is access to an internet connection by users including the comfort of their own home.

This fast real time delivery allows employers to listen and quickly respond to the information on workplace productivity rather than reacting after workplace productivity has suffered a serious decline.

Your-Alert and Your-Say sit alongside the organisation´s Code of Conduct promoting honesty, integrity and transparency. They don´t replace existing processes for raising concerns or feedback in the workplace but rather these reporting mechanisms by providing an external independent reporting option to an organisation´s whistleblower policy and feedback.

Your-Call´s Case Management allows companies to create a seamless workflow when documenting, investigating and resolving disclosures (whistleblower complaints) of illegal or unethical behavior or feedback. From notification to resolution, the company can document activities in a convenient, centralised system maintained by Your-Call that helps you ensure disclosures are resolved effectively, efficiently and appropriately.

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