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Disclosure management is an important issue for organisations of all sizes.

In complex business environments where disclosure management is vital, companies require effective communications systems with their employees as well as their customers, vendors and suppliers. Management practices must provide good corporate governance. Australian Standards 8004 series provides a suite of guidance for entities from Good Governance to Whistleblowing Protection.

All organisations are process driven, but unfortunately policies and procedures don´t always provide effective control. Deficiencies appear, often as a result of a tussle between auditing and marketing, and the rush to get the product or service to market. Often, the result is control being intertwined with or replaced by trust.

Research commissioned by superannuation funds found an overwhelming majority of boards from Australia’s top companies are not monitoring unethical business practices, such as price fixing, bid rigging, insider trading, secret commissions and kickbacks. One of the more infamous cases involved the belated whistleblowing on the phoney trades carried out by National Australia Bank traders. These fraudsters cost the bank $326 million.

The survey found 83 per cent of companies listed on the S&P/ASX 200 Index had no formal oversight of bad business practices. More than half (52 per cent) had codes of conduct that did not tackle responsible marketing and promotion issues and truth in advertising. 46 per cent did not publicly disclose policies protecting whistleblowers. 46 per cent made no mention of training with regard to product safety or handling material hazardous to public health.

More than half did not publicly disclose information on processes to protect against violations of consumer privacy.

Your-Call has developed a new approach to disclosure management, fraud reporting and the receipt of information from whistleblowers. This blends traditional telephone-based disclosure management functions with powerful web-based reporting.

Your-Call´s online reporting solution of Your-Alert allows Directors, Officers and Managers to access disclosure management by tapping into real-time 24/7, live information on matters of concern in 4 key areas: dishonesty; behavioural issues; regulation; and safety. Your-Say enables employees, customers, vendors and suppliers to have their say on a range of matters concerning the organisation’s products and services; the way business is done; the effectiveness or otherwise of policies and procedures, identification of risks and suggestions for improvement.

Your-Alert and Your-Say operate independently of your organisation and our processes have been benchmarked against Standards Australia AS 8004-2003 “Whistleblower protection programs for entities”. They sit alongside the organisation´s Code of Conduct promoting honesty, integrity and transparency. They do not replace existing processes for raising concerns or feedback in the workplace but rather complement these reporting mechanisms by providing an external independent reporting option to an organisation´s whistleblower policy.

A complementary external model maintains employers´ responsibility to their employees and provides the balance needed for optimal levels of reporting of information that exists.

Your-Call’s Case Management dashboard and analytics allows a seamless workflow when documenting, investigating and resolving disclosures (whistleblower complaints) of illegal or unethical behaviour or feedback. From the initial notification of the disclosure through to resolution, the company can document activities in a convenient, centralised system maintained by Your-Call that helps you ensure disclosures and information are resolved effectively, efficiently and appropriately.

It provides Directors, Officers and Management with three disclosure management tools in one; deterrence, compliance/behaviour monitoring and risk mitigation.

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