Improve Employee Morale to Improve Business Success

There is a direct correlation between employee morale and business success. This makes it imperative that companies strive to improve employee morale by the most effective means available.

Employees feel empowered and supported when leaders listen and provide feedback to their issues. An energetic and empowered workforce can be the difference between you and your competitors.

But how do you improve employee morale?

Often low employee morale can grow out of an accumulation of small things that go unnoticed day-to-day. These seemingly trivial issues then snowball into workplace concerns that can have a negative impact on employees and productivity, leading to staff turnover, legal issues and employee resentment. These issues are sometimes the incubators of workplace corruption and the avoidable costs that accompany it.

A mechanism whereby employees can confidentially, securely and easily express their concerns can increase employee morale and quell problems arising from poor morale.

Improving employee morale involves making people feel valued for their contributions, listening to them and ensuring they get the support they need to do their work.

Whatever the business or industry, when employee morale is high, staff are invariably motivated and more productive. Efficiency and effectiveness are higher, stress is lower, and everyone is happier. Aren´t these the conditions you want for your workplace?

Research including that in 2008 on “Whistleblowing in the Australian Public Sector, Enhancing the theory and practice of internal witness management in public sector organisations” (edited by A. J. Brown) into employee morale consistently suggests that employee satisfaction is an important ingredient for organisational harmony and performance. Satisfied employees provide additional benefits to organisations including trust, loyalty and, in the presence of an effective feedback program, support for whistleblowing.

An organisational culture that supports whistleblowing values hard working employees and a key factor in creating such a culture is raising employee morale.

Your-Call has created accessible, user-friendly concern and feedback systems with its Your-Alert and Your-Say services for organisations to unearth concerns in 4 key areas: dishonesty, behavioural(e.g. bullying and harassment), regulation and safety.

This cutting-edge feedback system unlocks not only staff dissatisfaction, but also uncovers valuable operational and management suggestions from all levels of the organisation.

Your-Call treats every disclosure with urgency, ensuring timely and successful transmission of every disclosure, allowing you to respond immediately to crisis situations.

Your-Call’s Case Management module allows companies to create a seamless workflow when documenting, investigating and resolving disclosures (whistleblower complaints) of illegal or unethical behaviour or feedback.

From notification to resolution, the company can document activities in a convenient, centralised system maintained by Your-Call that helps you ensure disclosures are resolved effectively, efficiently and appropriately.
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