Its important to have a sound corporate governance system supported by policies and procedures that comply with the Standards.

The National Corporate Governance Advisory Standards are:

AS 8000: Good governance principles
AS 8001: Fraud and corruption control
AS 8002: Organizational codes of conduct
AS 8003: Corporate social responsibility
AS 8004: Whistleblower protection programs for entities
HB 400-2004: Introduction to Corporate Governance
HB 401-2004: Applications of Corporate Governance
AS8004: “Whistleblower protection programs for entities” explains how to establish, maintain, implement and effectively manage a whistleblowing mechanism that can apply to employees, executives, directors, outside agents and sub-contractors.

An effective whistleblowing program demonstrates your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility by employees, the business, the Boards and their Directors.

A sound Corporate Governance system allows entities to provide a set of principles and structure to ensure corporate direction, responsibility and accountability. It affects those who manage the organisation including the Board, Directors and Officers. Corporate governance focuses on the role and function of the Board of Directors as the body responsible for ensuring the company is accountable for its decisions and its performance.

Corporate Governance applies equally to the public and private sectors. It also applies to small business and adds value by assisting them to meet regulatory requirements, operate efficiently and reduce financial, business and operational risk by developing policies and procedures to prevent fraudulent, dishonest, and unethical behaviour.

Your Call’s approach meets acceptable Corporate Governance standards in fraud reporting and the receipt/treatment of information from whistleblowers that blends traditional telephone-based disclosure management functions with powerful web-based reporting.

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