Safety & asset Protection are critical

The most important asset to a Company are its people.

The second most important asset is its capital including equipment. Personal safety and protection of company equipment is of critical importance in any workplace for a company,  employees, customers, and visitors.

The profit objective sometimes blurs communication lines and messages regarding protection of company equipment and safety get lost. Tight production timeframes can result in pre-start inspections and regular maintenance being missed.

Company equipment needs protection from damage and theft. The high cost of company equipment makes it attractive to theft and easy to on-sell. Company equipment is liable to be misused and or used for illegal or personal use.

A safe and protected report made by those who have seen or suspect misuse of company property and equipment is essential for detection. The larger a company, with locations across Australia, the more complex and difficult it is to control the work environment.

More than ever, Whistleblowing should be seen as a process by which Directors, Officers and Management can tap into a vital information provided by the eyes and ears of your organisation including those with whom business is done, i.e. vendors, suppliers, customers and visitors.

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