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About Your Call

At our core, our mission is to wage a war on workplace wrongdoing.

Increasingly businesses are leading the way for social and environmental change. Your Call aims to facilitate the creation of a robust Speak-up Culture, giving voice to all stakeholders and ensuring the implementation of world leading governance tools and practices.

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Leading by Example

Actions speak louder than words which is why we became the first Whistleblowing service firm globally to become a Certified B Corporation. In 2019 we were awarded as a B-Corp World Honouree in the categories of ‘Best for Overall’ and ‘Best for Customers’.

We also pursue other important social initiatives such as our involvement as an official charity partner of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Using a portion of each client contract, Your Call funds programs for children to learn what proper ethical and positive behaviour is and how to act in groups. The programs aim to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to have the courage to speak up and be ethical champions.

Our Future

Your Call is seeing high growth in a rapidly changing regulatory environment. More and more businesses are realising the risks they face and the importance to comply with new regulations. As such, they are turning to Your Call to offer them the tools and training they need.

To fulfil our goals and remain a global leader, we need a diverse and passionate team. We value and respect people’s differences and realise that diversity makes us stronger and better able to serve our customers.

About You

At Your Call, we’re looking for people who share our values. Who care passionately about acting ethically, promoting sustainable solutions, and driving social change.

If you are looking for a welcoming and hard-working environment, where the work has tangible outcomes and makes a meaningful impact in society, then Your Call is a place you should consider.

Working at Your Call

Being a profitable company is only one measure of success. Ensuring our team members are growing, fulfilled and are having the impact they desire is just as important to us. As such we’re committed to your success, this includes:

  • Helping you achieve certifications, continued learning and attendance of key industry events
  • Understanding that we’re all different and celebrating these unique elements
  • Need to take your kids to practice? A family member dealing with a health issue? We understand. Supporting each other during the inevitable ups and downs of life is baked into our ethos.
  • Dress without stress. We don’t require collars, suits and jackets. Respect those around you, be comfortable, dress accordingly.

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