What do some of our clients think of the service?

La Trobe Financial Services Pty Ltd

“The staff at La Trobe understand the importance of the Your-Call internet system in that it provides them with 24 hour 7 day a week access, and a greater degree of protection about their “whistleblowing” than the traditional “tell your manager” escalation framework. To this extent it is a superior methodology and staff I am told feel better trusted as they can now raise the “alarm bells” without fear of their manager trying to cover up any impropriety if they have to name parties.

Your Call is the best and most cost effective solution on the market here in Australia.”

Mr. Greg O´Neill, Chief Executive Officer

NEC Australia Pty Ltd

NEC has found the Work/Site Portal to provide an excellent service for NEC Australia and staff. Issues that whistleblowers have raised have been reported quickly and we have appreciated your follow-up when necessary.

We have the services to be excellent value for money and a very efficient method for staff to report issues, and for NEC to have an “archived” record of reports and action.

I note that Confidentiality has been maintained for staff, and that the Portal has been very reliable.

Mr. Archie McLeish Former General Manager Internal Audit

Bridgestone Australia & New Zealand Ltd

Bridgestone Australia is pleased to have been a user of Your-Call since 2004 and has recently extended the service into New Zealand.

Your-Call developed and implemented a whistleblowing service which suits the Bridgestone culture and people.

With the growth of our organisation, the innovative approach taken by Your-Call means our Directors can be alerted in real time of any potential internal frauds, thefts or misconduct by employees or related parties to our business.

The independence and anonymity brings comfort to our employees who are working with Your-Call to bring matters to our attention to safeguard our brand and reputation.

The existence of Your-Call acts as a deterrent to dishonesty and inappropriate behaviour.

The support and professionalism of Your-Call in providing strategies for resolution of any matters of concerns is another strength of their service.

Your Call satisfies our requirements for an independent whistle-blower programme in Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Andrew Moffatt, Managing Director

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