Our mission is to provide the most innovative and effective external whistleblowing service

To enable us to do achieve this, we adhere to generic and industry specific best practice security measures. We approach whistleblowing security from both a client and a user perspective.

Our Client Security Guarantee

We ensure all client interactions with our system are treated as highly confidential by our team. Along with this, all information we gather regarding reports are prioritised and sanitised depending on team member rank / clearance. Lastly, we utilise the latest in technological security measures to ensure that your interactions and communications remain confidential, secure and available.

Client Technology Security

Your Call secures your information at four different points:

  • Web Interface
  • Secure Communication
  • Application Security
  • Data Storage

Web Interface

Your Call offers a secure login process to our Whistleblower application so that you can submit your report in the strictest of confidence. In addition, Your Call is protected by a Website Application Firewall helping to ensure a comprehensive level of protection.

Secure communication

All online communications with Your Call is protected using bank level 256-bit secure socket layer technology (SSL) secured by VeriSign.


Physical Data Storage Security

All data is encrypted and locally hosted at an external Datacentre in a private locked area. The Datacenter has met ISO security standards for secure data hosting and is guarded 24/7 365 days a year.

Privacy Policy

Your Call will never sell your username, password or any identifiable information about you to anyone. If it becomes necessary to use or share confidential or identifiable information Your Call will first notify the relevant person and obtain their specific approval for that intended purpose. Read our Privacy Policy, here.

Identity Security

When making a disclosure, the user’s’ identity will never be disclosed to an organisation without their clear consent. Even throughout the three way communication process with the organisation and Your Call, via the Message Board, the user’s’ identity is not required to be revealed.

Further to this, Your Call’s specifically designed online Disclosure Form provides multiple reporting pathways allowing a user to:

  • Share identity with Your Call only
  • Share identity with Your Call and Organisation
  • Remain completely anonymous

To learn more about retaining your anonymity as a user, click here

Your Call supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 10+

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