Our philosophy is simple – we listen, we respect and we protect

Your Call empowers people to stand up to illegal behaviour and wrongdoing at all levels of an organisation – actions that may otherwise remain unknown to senior management. In facilitating this, we vigorously respect and protect confidentiality and anonymity.

Your Call’s objective is to deliver a truly independent, secure, impartial and external whistleblowing system to assist an organisation’s corporate governance.

We believe external whistleblowing services should be affordable, accessible and highly effective for any size organisation.

We help protect an organisation against risk and cultivate a positive ‘speak up’ culture. Our expert team understands a best practice reporting program is only effective when aligned with the appropriate whistleblower protections and organisational culture . By assisting an organisation to achieve this, Your Call not only enhances the commitment to corporate governance obligations, our solutions help improve morale by giving employees the power to act.

Our values:

  • Think Straight, Talk Straight™

  • Lead with heart and balance

  • See the Whole Person

  • Seek higher standards

  • Don’t pass the buck

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