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Executive Team

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  • Chartered accountant and investigator with over 30 years of experience.
  • Twelve year career with a big 4 accounting firm in audit, fraud and due diligence investigations in Australia, Europe and the USA.
  • Joined the insurance investigation industry in 1996 and has an outstanding business track record in the investigation industry.
  • Significant experience in corporate governance, due diligence and corporate investigations.
  • Utilising his extensive professional experience, he has developed an outstanding business track record in implementing quality management practices and innovative systems within the investigation industry
  • Holds a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University
  • Qualified Chartered Accountant

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  • Holds a practicing certificate as a barrister and solicitor.
  • A leader in the investigation industry since 1995.
  • Joint Managing Director of leading investigation firm, LS Partners.
  • Outstanding track record in the investigation of disciplinary matters, fraud, inappropriate workplace behaviour, and complex insurance claims including professional negligence.
  • Participated as a panel expert in government, commercial, and insurance industry advisory bodies.
  • Relied on to conduct enquiries in difficult and sensitive matters for government bodies at all levels.
  • Holds a Bachelor of Laws and Commerce from the University of Tasmania
  • Holds a Certificate IV in Government Investigation.

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  • Over twenty-one years policing experience in the Victoria Police Force, with extensive experience in all facets of investigation specialising in large and complex fraud matters.
  • Awarded a National Medal and Victoria Police 15 & 20 year medals for ethical conduct.
  • In the last ten years he has undertaken numerous significant corporate investigations, provided pro-active anti-fraud strategies to organisations, and conducted training & ethical programs for diverse organisations.
  • Founder of Your-Call Whistleblowing Services in 2004.
  • Holds a Private Agents Inquiry Licence.
  • Holds a Certificate IV in Investigation Services and a Certificate IV in Fraud Control.
  • Holds a post Graduate Certificate in Fraud Investigation from La Trobe University.


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