Monthly Archives: November 2022

Attorney General to propose changes to Public Interest Disclosure Act

The Attorney General, Mark Dreyfus, announced he will introduce a bill in the Federal Parliament to amend the Public Interest Disclosure Act in late November. The Public Interest Disclosure Amendment (Review) Bill 2022 will: Enforce a positive duty to protect whistleblowers on principal officers and to provide ongoing training and...

Your Call founders create Rely, a SaaS platform that transforms how workplace issues are managed

In September 2022, Your Call launched Rely, an intelligent case management platform which helps organisations to prevent, detect and respond to conduct and culture issues. We spoke to our co-Founder and Rely’s CEO, Nathan Luker, about what inspired him to build Rely, especially in the middle of a global pandemic....

Cybersecurity and whistleblowing – underreported issues that pose big risks

The Australian Crime Commission estimates that organised crime, such as cyber fraud,  costs Australia between $10 billion and $15 billion per annum.  Globally, cybercrime is predicted to cost just under one percent of global GDP.  So why are we still seeing limited reporting on cyber security through whistleblower programs? Analysis of...

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