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Respect@Work – know your Positive Duty obligations

The Australian government is committed to ‘fully implement’ all 55 recommendations from the Australian Human Rights Commission Respect@Work report. This includes the positive duty, which it has promised to legislate by ‘task[ing] the Workplace Sexual Harassment Council to consult with employers, workers, unions and legal experts on the design and implementation...

Respect@Work – a Positive Duty for employers webinar

Sexual harassment at work is about power, imbalance and abuse, and it must stop. On Thursday 25 August, Your Call and Rely were joined by a panel of experts to discuss findings from the Australian Human Right's Commission's Respect@Work report, anticipated changes to the Sexual Discrimination Act and what it...

Good governance – does your whistleblowing policy and framework pass the test?

The ASX Corporate Governance Council recently released a review of how listed companies are complying with the 4th edition of the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations. The review, conducted by KPMG, analyses data from listed entities for the 2021 calendar year and highlights “good practice” examples for good governance and...

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