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Support employees and lead better investigations with trauma-informed care

A trauma-informed approach to receiving and investigating workplace issues reduces the risk employees will be re-traumatised by the investigation, which delivers a better employee experience and better outcomes for employers. Whistleblower disclosures are on the rise At the third Australian National Whistleblowing Symposium, Commissioner Sean Hughes, highlighted that whistleblowing disclosures...

Former Oil Search executive claims company breached whistleblower protection laws – what you need to know

Former Oil Search CFO, Ayten Saridas, has issued proceedings in the NSW Supreme Court. She alleges widespread bullying and harassment by Oil Search’s CEO and incumbent CFO forced her to leave her job after she raised concerns about funding issues that were allegedly hidden from the company’s board. As part...

ESF Mental Health Showcase – Clarity presents Emerging Trends in Workplace Wellbeing

On Tuesday 29th of March, Professor Jane Burns, Strategic Advisor to Your Call Whistleblowing Services, presented a workshop for the Emergency Services Foundation focused on emerging trends in workplace wellbeing. With the impact of the global pandemic and stress associated with natural disasters, the workshop covered two emerging trends: A...

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