Monthly Archives: January 2022

World Athletics pledges safer social media platforms.

World Athletics, the International Governing Body for the Sport, has made a commitment to its members following the release of a survey into abuse directed at its elite athletes during last year’s Tokyo Olympic Games. Although the significant level of abuse revealed by the limited survey may have surprised some,...

Theranos Trial: Lessons Learned

This month, the former CEO of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, was convicted on 4 of 11 counts relating to wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. This was with regard to blood analysis technology, sold to investors and patients as a world breakthrough (see Note 1). The world watched as...

Pressing Reset and Aiming for Integrity

Everyone makes mistakes at work, this includes managers and even Board Members.  Fortunately, most mistakes are not ‘terminal’ and there is the opportunity to reflect, learn, and move forward.  These three acts are part of pressing RESET. Sometimes workplace mistakes are made due to lack of training or tools.  Sometimes,...

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