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The Three Ps – People, Power & Psychological Safety by Jane Burns

Australia has always batted above its weight in digital innovation, and I believe we are poised to drive real change with regard to psychological safety in Australia and globally. My professional experiences have shaped my life. From being a young, motivated female in academia pushing through glass ceilings and publishing...

Appointment of new Strategy & Partnership Advisor: Jane Burns

We are very pleased to announce Jane Burns’ appointment as Strategic Advisor at Clarity Group, including Your Call Whistleblowing Solutions. Clarity Group Your Call welcomes Jane Burns to the team to empower our pursuit of creating positive workplaces globally and giving a voice to all. Jane  is an expert in mental health, suicide prevention...

B Corporation Best for the World 2021 – Winner!

For profit for purpose works - recognised as global leader Certified B Corporation. (more…)

How do you build a healthier NFP Board?

Board health is critical to long-term productivity and culture. (more…)

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