Monthly Archives: October 2020

How to speak up about workplace sexual harassment

Your Call's CEO, Nathan Luker, spoke with The Financial Review on how to speak up about workplace sexual harassment. …When we witness something questionable or wrong in a group environment such as the workplace – this could be sexual harassment, a racist comment, bullying or fraud – we often incorrectly...

ASIC Update regarding Superannuation Funds

In a recent update by Jane Eccleston, ASIC Superannuation Senior Executive Leader, she reminds superannuation fund trustees of their obligations to support and protect whistleblowers as well as to implement a whistleblower policy.  In 2019-20, ASIC claims to have assessed close to 650 reports from whistleblowers with approximately 25 per...

Company directors obligations to create a safe work environment

It is well known that many organisations have been forced to adapt their business strategy to mitigate financial risk and ensure business continuity in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders are constantly confronted with urgent and competing demands as they try to navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape whilst...

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