Your-Call is independent of the company or organisation to which your concern or feedback is being provided. We acknowledge the existence of a Service Agreement and Payment of a Fee. Your-Call represents numerous companies or organisations and our integrity is based on independence and impartially. We act without fear or favour and operate without any conflict of interest. We are committed to listening to, respecting and protecting you and your information. Your-Call is not connected to the internal or external auditing function of the company or organisation.


Your-Call provides for 100 percent anonymity in all its reporting services. Your identity, if provided and all information received from you is encrypted by 256 bit encryption. After lodging your concern or feedback you can continue to remain anonymous yet maintain in communication with us through our Message board.

We are an independent third party and do not share personal information unless you specify that we can do so. Your communications with Your-Call are held in the strictest of confidence.

If you have provided your identity, you can choose how you want further contact is made and options include telephone, mobile telephone, mail or email. You can even nominate the best time to contact.


The Your-Call web site uses the latest in encryption and authentication technology, ensuring that your communications on our web site are secure and private. The ‘https’ keyword in the location bar above ensures that this connection is encrypted.

Steps to take to maintain Anonymity

You can maximise your anonymity by observing the following suggestions:

1. Access our web site direct at (note: redirects to

2. Avoid accessing our web site at or  using your organisation´s internet connection as some organisations can trace from which computer terminal access to our site was made.

3. Access our web site at or using an internet connection at an internet cafe or public library.

4. Avoid using your organisation´s intranet website to direct you to our site if you intend to submit secure information as some organisations can trace from which computer terminal access to our site was made.

5. Similarly, avoid using your office e-mail to send Your-Call an anonymous e-mail as some companies and organisations operate computer systems that can trace and read e-mail messages sent using a work e-mail address.

6. Avoid telephoning Your-Call from your telephone extension at work as some organisations have telephone systems that can trace what numbers have been dialed from a specific telephone extension.

7. We suggest that you do not tell anyone in your organisation about any communication you have with Your-Call.

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